Ludo Sikandar

Ludo Sikandar is the online version of the most played board game – Ludo.

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Ludo Sikandar is the online version of the most played board game – Ludo, with a great twist that you can play this game online for fun, and along with that, if you win, you will earn real cash. The goal here is to be the King of the (Ludo Sikandar) and if you want to be the king, you have to exercise your Ludo knowledge, you have to strategize your gameplay, you have to take calculative decisions, you have to pay attention, and with experience and expertise.

Ludo Sikandar Best Real Money Ludo Gaming App Ludo Sikandar With Online Multiplayers Real Money Android Game. Ludo Sikandar is an all new exciting online ludo game through which you can earn real money by playing against real players and tournaments. The game is packed with some amazing twists such as boosters and unique features that will enhance your ludo playing experience to a whole new level.




  • Use Photon Engine server.
  • Admin Panel.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Integrated Google login.




  • Unity 2019.4.16f1.
  • Any Shared Hosting.
  • PHP 5.6 or Higher.
  • MySQLi.



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