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Welcome to the amazing travel-themed puzzle game!

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Have you ever had the dream of world travelling? Do you want to see the hidden corners of the globe? It's now possible with this blast game!

Welcome to the amazing travel-themed puzzle game!

In Cube Blast Journey, various countries filled with challenging and amazing puzzles and cubes in tons of levels await you to blast! In this journey, you can match and blast cubes to solve challenging puzzles.

Are you looking for a new, challenging puzzle game for mobile? Match 2 games are the perfect addition to your device! Download this exciting game and get lost in the addictive world of puzzles!




  • 1900 complete levels.
  • Amazing levels and adventures all over the world!
  • Travel-themed cubes and blockers to blast!
  • Powerful boosters like bombs that will help to crush your way to the next level!
  • Mighty pets skills that can blast a bunch of the cubes.
  • Collect all stars in every level! Match and blast all the cubes to get the new highest score!
  • Win unique pets' outfits by solving puzzles and change for them!
  • Easy yet with many match and blast strategies to consider, this game will surprise you with different tricks you discover the more you play!
  • Solve puzzles and try to win big – that’s how you’ll start your fun adventure.
  • Easy to play.
  • Admob (Banner, Interstital and Rewarded).
  • In App purchase.
  • Support control for Android and iOS.




Unity 2021.3.5f1.




Why is this price so high

31 October 2021, 08:02:20

Please send the relevant permissions, and take a look at Gmail

02 November 2021, 16:26:52

Hello @xianqiu This is my WhatsApp number: +201066721356 Contact me please

03 November 2021, 00:28:53

How long will it take for the website to return to normal?

03 November 2021, 18:13:31

Can you put this package on a discount sale, like $900?

15 April 2023, 15:53:26

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